At a glance, you could be excused for assuming that Strippd Protein is just like any other supplement product out there but the new kid on the block has so much more to offer than just your standard protein.


For starters, Strippd, is marketed as a luxury product aimed at women of all ages and claims to be different than all the others on the market which are ‘created with the bodybuilding male in mind then popped into a pink tub in the hope of appealing to females.’ Which is why when creating their brand, Strippd, ‘started from scratch’ and created a protein powder that gives women both what they want and what they need.

The powders come in a 490g tub which includes a scoop for measuring out your perfect serving of Strippd. Each tub of lean vegan protein contains 14 servings and there are three flavours available: vanilla, chocolate and mixed berry.

I chose to take a look at the chocolate flavour to see if it could satisfy my cravings and that it did. I’m sure you, like me, know the hardship of trying to find a vegan protein powder that not only does its job but actually tastes nice but this one actually does. Hallelujah! Not just nice either, the powder, when mixed with the recommended 250ml of cold water has an almost creamy taste to it and even better than just that, doesn’t come with the disgusting and off-putting texture I have found in a lot of similar products on the market.

You may have heard a lot of rumours about protein powder supplements and what they can do to your body, my favourite and perhaps one of the most popular being that you shouldn’t take them unless you want to bulk up. Wrong. Protein is what our bodies need to help repair cells and create new ones and it is important we get enough of it. As the most common form of protein is found in meat, fish and dairy products it is more difficult to get the right amount of protein on a plant based diet or if you are lactose intolerant. That’s why protein powders such as this one can be amazing for us as a source of protein.

For those of you looking at taking this supplement to enhance your workout routine it is recommended as a post work out drink, mixed with cold water, around 30 minutes after exercise. This allows the protein to reach your muscles at an accelerated rate and speed up the muscle repair process.

And for those of you just experimenting with the protein powder hype you can add yours to breakfast smoothies or porridge oats for a morning boost. I tried both of these options and I wasn’t disappointed. I felt considerably more alert for longer when I’d had my daily dose of Strippd and even noticed my appetite had been curbed making it easier to resist snacking throughout the day.  The convenience of the shaker and the fact you just take Strippd with water made it so easy to get your protein fix on the go, something else I loved about this product.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not trying to show this powder as the all singing all dancing gift from god product to end all of your dietary woes overnight. Like anything there are some features of this supplement which aren’t as great as others. The size of the tub for example. 490g may sound a lot but with recommended serving sizes of 35g up to 3 times a day you’ll be lucky if one pot lasts you a week. As well as this, more emphasis, I feel, should have been put on what can happen to you if you exceed the recommended intake. Your body can demonstrate laxative effects which you don’t need me to tell you won’t be pretty.

The range of vegan lean protein powders are made of only natural ingredients and are a pea and hemp based protein with natural sweeteners.  Strippd also sell a variety of whey protein powders (not vegan friendly unfortunately) as well as glow capsules, multi vitamins and trim and tone capsules designed to complement their powders. The products are available to buy online directly from their website and at most large Boots stores. The powders retail for £20 per tub with the capsules costing £15.




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