Hi, my name is Beth and I’m currently working as a Sales Executive for Manchester City Football Club after completing a 3 year course in Multi-Media Journalism at University of Salford, Media City UK. I due to graduated with  2:1 honours in July 2017 and am 23 years old. I have strong interests in the world of sport and fitness as well as food, nutrition, fashion and beauty. My website is aimed at advertising my credentials and demonstrating my work to date as well as highlighting my strengths whilst combining this with all my interests. I am drawn to print and online platforms as can be demonstrated in the work on offer however was recently pushed to venture out of my comfort zone and explore the world of broadcast, practicing skills I am still learning everyday but extremely proud of my progress and achievements.

The work showcased on my website is a collection of original content I have produced throughout my course at The University of Salford. There is a combination of content produced during newsdays, for assignments and also during work placements. I hope the work on show demonstrates my capabilities, interests and a range of good journalistic skills I have built.

I have also completed work placements within Smoking Gun PR group and Cavendish Press where I was able to gain first hand, industry experience and practice my skill-set in a professional environment.

Feel free to check me out across my social media platforms, I’m on Twitter, Facebook , LinkedIn and Instagram I’d love to interact with you over there.