MANCHESTER has been the hub for vegan and animal rights activist demonstrations throughout November as the city prepares for a busy festive period.

The group of activists is organised by volunteers via various social media platforms such as Facebook, these people not only feel passionate about the cause, but also invest their time and money into making these events a success. Protesters have been grabbing attention across the region with a string of silent protests with the aim of spreading their views and opinions on animal cruelty, a cause the group feels increasingly passionate about at this time of year. The bustling atmosphere in the town centre makes for the perfect atmosphere in which to reach as many people as possible with their message.

Campaigners took to Market Street on Saturday November 12, to stage a silent protest in which supporters wore white masks and black hoods in an aim to shield their identity and create curiosity around their cause.

The group held up iPads which played videos of brutal animal abuse to enhance awareness and spread the bigger message. The event named: The Earthling’s Experience, also included people handing out flyers providing greater details and chalk written messages on the pavement reading ‘Save a life, go vegan.’ This all took place on one of Manchester’s busiest shopping streets on the opening weekend of the cities ever popular Christmas markets reaching more people and creating more mystery.

An event with a similar aim, organised by the same group set up stalls outside Holland and Barrett in the city centre on Sunday November 20. The gathering was named ‘Awakening Compassion’ and took a more subtle approach to sharing the same message. A casual and relaxed atmosphere was created with a peaceful protest of group members holding placards and offering free coffee cake for anyone wanting a chat, or who could spare the time to watch the three minute video the group want to share. Engaging with people in this way offered a more accessible route to the public.

Mosai Tesoro, 28, is the co-organiser of The Awakening Compassion Stall explained; ‘We work hard to make the stall look engaging and friendly and this results in a positive reaction from the public. The signs have raised people’s intrigue and whether they chose to engage or not it still makes an impression.

Veganism embraces sustainable, healthy and soulful living by rejecting the commodity status of animals. It is the cheapest diet on the planet and we aim to show others how it can be achieved at any age, any budget or any lifestyle.’

She added, ‘awakening compassion is not only our name but also our brand mission. Through research, education and support we aim to help others live their happiest lives.’



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