We all know the feeling of waking up after a disturbed night sleep, the dread of the day ahead and the pain of pulling yourself away from the warmth of your cosy bed.

But for some people that dread is made worse knowing that disturbed sleep is a regular occurrence next to their incompatible sleeping partner. Research shows that there are many reasons why couples may find it difficult to dose off and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep together, the main one being snoring.

Here at Silentnight we’ve put together five tips for getting the best night’s sleep possible and maybe even saving your relationship in the process.

  1. Serial Snorers: there are so many tips to help with snoring but of course these won’t always work for everyone. The best thing to help is to reduce the consumption of food and drink in the evenings. The more you eat late at night the more likely you are to snore as food which is not fully digested before sleep can push against your diaphragm and increase the pressure on your respiratory system. Other things which may help include: change in sleeping positions, nasal cleansing with saline and of course, the old faithful, earplugs
  2. Duvet Stealer: Is there anything worse than waking up in the middle of the night shivering only to look over at your partner all wrapped up? We don’t think so either. The best solution to this is to buy separate blankets to have on top of your duvet so you will always have a back-up plan without having to initiate a tug of war situation in the bedroom
  3. Cuddlers: More couples than you may think suffer with this problem but it can be so simply resolved. Sleep specialist and clinical physiologist, Janet Kennedy suggests; a designated ‘cuddle time’ for 15-20 minutes can help and then agree to go your separate ways. That way you both get to sleep happy
  4. Lights Out: This can be an age old problem and one that can be a little harder to settle on. It is natural instinct to want to sleep in darkness. Darkness signifies sleep to most of us but there are some people who are programmed to sleep with some form of light on. The typical answer may be to get an eye mask however one way to get around this may be to keep a small, low watt plug in light on through the night as far away from the partner who likes it dark as possible
  5. Wrigglers: Foam mattresses or mattress toppers could be the answer to all your problems if your partner thrashes around the bed through the night. As there are no springs involved, the impact of the movement is minimised and you are less likely to be woken by any sudden movements.

Ultimately, to make for a good night sleep, compromising is key. But if following our five simple tips help you wake up feeling fresh then at least you’ve won.

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