‘My boob lift saved my life’

IT’S not the typical way to get over your ex, some may say it’s a little extreme and extravagant Most people just opt for a hair change or buy a new pair of shoes, but 32-year-old Sharon Maxwell went a little further when trying to put her past behind her.

The self-confessed ‘surgery addict’ has been pumping her lips with fillers for almost eight years and claims to have had more than 60 lip enhancement treatments and botox top-ups every six weeks but when she bravely walked away from a violent and abusive relationship she decided it was time to focus on herself.


The Scottish mother, has undergone a number of surgeries including an eyebrow lift, countless botox and lip fillers, cheek fillers and more recently full body liposuction and a breast lift costing over £40, 000 and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. We chatted to her to find out her reasons for having so much work done and finding out if she had any regrets after years of surgery.

The owner of Supreme Property Lettings, explained how she worked her way up from having nothing to be able to afford her lifestyle of luxury treatments and how she has more in store for the future. Glasgow based, Sharon is not ashamed to admit she suffered from insecurities her entire life, suggesting that witnessing her aunt’s murder at just three-years-old was just the start of her troubles.

Throughout her school life, a notoriously difficult time of change for young people, Sharon started to develop a little earlier than most, her breast rapidly grew to a double G cupsize and she suffered with bullying and pain ever since. She explains, ‘I was always teased about them. I was actually called ‘jugs’ at school that was my nickname and I absolutely hated it. It got worse when I was old enough to have boyfriends because every guy I was ever with would slag them off and call them saggy when we fell out and that’s just something that’s always been with me.’

The 32-year-old admits she had always wanted something done to her breasts, whether that be a reduction or a lift but didn’t have enough money to fund it until recently. She goes on to tell us how, with her most recent partner the ridiculing got continued; ‘It got worse when I was with him, he wasn’t a very nice guy at all. He used to say and do horrible things to me all the time so when I left him, I left with the clothes on my back. He used to tell me how much he hated my boobs and that can really knock your confidence that someone who’s supposed to love you would hate something about your body. But since leaving him, I have noticed it was more so his problem than mine and I’ve been able to build my business up and get my boobs lifted which has really given me my confidence back.’

Sharon elaborated on how she used to get a lot of modelling work when she was in her twenties and how since her breast lift surgery, earlier this year she has been offered more of the same. She explained, ‘it can really help improve your confidence when you can improve your body, it means you can wear more things and can make you feel a lot better, all my confidence was knocked out of me and that was a huge reason behind getting it done.’ The 32-year-old explained how she gets all of her plastic surgery done in Turkey where it is much cheaper than it is here and says how she is pleased with the results. On her most recent visit in February (2016) Sharon underwent her much anticipated breast lift. Unusually whilst she was there she was also gifted free full body liposuction through one of her friends.

She added, ‘The liposuction was good but I’m probably fatter now than when I got it done now to be honest and I only got it done nine months ago. It’s a good quick fix if you want to get toned up but I didn’t have to pay for it so I don’t regret having it done. My initial plan was to get the fat taken out of my body and then have that injected into my bum, which I don’t even know why I wanted that done because I think I’ve got a great bum but there wasn’t even enough fat taken from my body, only two and a half litres so I couldn’t have that done.’

Apart from her breasts Sharon had always been unhappy with her lips stating she ‘had absolutely no lips whatsoever’ and always expressed the desire to have them done. This was the first thing she had done at 25 years of age and arguably began her addiction to the needle. She had initially booked in to have them done when she was 21 but a comment from an ex-boyfriend put her off until she was 25. She said, ‘I was with my kids dad at the time and he told me not to have them done because I would look like a fish, that night I dreamt of my face on a fishes body with these hug lips and it put me off. He had always told me he didn’t like the fake look.’

From her first procedure followed many more in the clinics chair and although she now runs a successful business she hasn’t always been able to afford the life she now leads. She explains how she was referred to the NHS for breast reduction surgery to ease her of her pain which was extremely bad during her pregnancy. Sharon however turned this down, she says, ‘I would have been able to get them paid for on the NHS. But I decided against that because I didn’t want to get them done with tax payers money it just wasn’t right. So I said I’d just save up and pay for them myself. I work hard to have things done. I have worked three jobs, worked days, nights and weekends but now because I have my own business I don’t have to do that anymore but I worked hard to pay for what I’ve had done.’ Sharon also explained how she occasionally promotes her friends’ salon and receives free botox but insists money is not a deciding factor on how much work she has done.

The blonde bombshell’s transformation hasn’t been without criticism. Whilst she says her family and friends are for the most part, behind her decisions, she admits that when she first started having work done friends would comment and ask her what she was doing. However now Sharon claims that she’s given all her friends the surgery bug. She explains, ‘I look completely different now from how I used to look, it’s like I’m a completely different person. People who I went to school or people that I’d known for years will just walk past me in the street and not recognise me, which is a good thing.’

Not everyone has been so welcoming, Sharon states tells how she is exposed to online trolling and says, ‘I’ve been told online that I should model balaclavas for a living, that I look like Pete Burns, I get that a lot. I do get quite a hard time online from people who don’t like me but that’s not people I know, just people who have nothing better to do.’ But the successful business woman filled with new confidence doesn’t let their opinions get to her.

Sharon added how she feels the breast lift she had earlier this year gave her a second chance at a new life and explains the reasons behind the dramatic post break-up decision. ‘A bigger reason for me getting the lift was basically a way of me sticking two fingers up at everyone who had ever slagged them off or said they were saggy. I think they were pretty good before so I think I did it more for that than myself to be honest.’

Surgery is rarely far from Sharon’s mind, as she is currently in the process of planning a lower facelift and a return to Turkey. Whilst she insists she has calmed down on the surgery professing, ‘I think when your older, you notice you don’t need as much work as you think you do when you’re younger. I only get things done if I feel like I need them doing now to improve my confidence whereas five years ago it was more down to experimenting with everything. I’ll always get my botox and I’ll always get lip fillers but I wouldn’t ever get my cheeks done so I think I’ve just learnt what works for me.

‘When I broke up with my ex I had nothing and I was in a really sad place personally. I needed to prove myself and make something of myself so I concentrated a lot on my business and then in turn was able to work on myself. I suffered with post-traumatic stress following the violent relationship I was in and it was really important for me to be able to focus on something else.’

Despite the thousands spent on treatments and procedures, Sharon remains grounded and true to herself. Her journey shows just how important appearance can make you feel and just about how it can change your life in more ways than one.